المَدرسة المُفكَّكة

- Day Two -

Dear Friends,

We write this note to say that we were happy to see so many of you today and hope to continue our conversation tomorrow. 
For those who were not able to make it or came late, but have the desire to join. We tried today to share some questions we each had and we will try to think about and attend to these questions in the development  of this edition of De-School together.
Tomorrow will begin with a Skype conversation with Rolando Vazquez at 5:00. So it will help if you arrive on time.
We thought to share a text of his for those who are interested to read something from him.
The Museum, Decoloniality and the End of the Contemporary
The Skype session will be in English and we will try to translate on the side for whoever needs it.
We also provide links to Ivan Illich related texts, since he was referenced. 
If there is interest we will organize a Skype later in the week with a friend in Mexico who has been researching his work and thinking. 
The introduction from the second link is very helpful for entering the thinking of Ivan Illich and so are the selections chosen from his writings in that book. The file is an epub so it may be easier to download from your computer.
Deschooling Society is important as a reference (even if sometimes it feels from long ago) especially in understanding the risks he saw in what he called the 'institutionalization of values' and care for ourselves, our communities, and the world around us. 
Our best for now .:

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عزيزاتي اعزائي،
نبعث لكم في هذه الرسالة ثلاثة قراءات اولها لرولاندو فاسكيس والذي سنتحدث معه غدا عبر سكايب في الساعة الخامسة. والقراءات الثانية والثالثة لايفان إيليتش للاننا ذكرناه اليوم من خلال علاقته مع اللامدرسة او المدرسة المفككة ثم علاقته مع موضوع الممارسات الشعبية.
والنص اللاحق باللغة الإنجليزية يحتوي على تفاصيل إضافية.