المَدرسة المُفكَّكة

- Day Three -

Dear Friends,

In addition to thinking through some of the questions we gathered on the first day, we will be reading an excerpt from Silvia Federici’s book (which we mentioned today) The Caliban and the Witch. At 7pm we will be skyping with our friend Andrew Ross who has just finished his book entitled ‘Stone Men’. Below please find links to two related texts, a short description of Andrew’s book, as well as a link to the audio recording from our conversation with Rolando Vasquez.

We hope to see you tomorrow!

Silvia Federici

Andrew Ross

Rolando Vasquez

About Stone Men by Andrew Ross

“They demolish our houses while we build theirs.” This is how a Palestinian stonemason, in line at a checkpoint outside a Jerusalem suburb, described his life to Andrew Ross. Palestinian “stone men,” utilising some of the best-quality dolomitic limestone deposits in the world and drawing on generations of artisanal knowledge, have built almost every state in the Middle East except their own. Today the business of quarrying, cutting, fabrication, and dressing is Palestine’s largest employer and generator of revenue, supplying the construction industry in Israel, along with other Middle East countries and even more overseas.

Drawing on hundreds of interviews in Palestine and Israel, Ross’s engrossing, surprising, and gracefully written story of this fascinating ancient trade shows how the stones of Palestine, and Palestinian labour, have been used to build out the state of Israel—in the process, constructing “facts on the ground”—even while the industry is central to Palestinians’ own efforts to erect bulwarks against the Occupation. For decades, the hands that built Israel’s houses, schools, offices, bridges, and even its separation barriers have been Palestinian. Looking at the Palestine–Israel conflict in a new light, this book asks how this record of achievement and labour be recognised.


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العزيزات والأعزاء،
نبعث لكم اليوم ثلاثة عناصر: 
• التسجيل الصوتي للقاءنا مع رولاندو فاسكيس 
• كتاب سيلفيا فيديريتشي "كاليبان والساحرة"  والذي سنقرأ مقطع منه غدا
• نص قصير لأندرو روس والذي سنتحدث معه عبر سكايب الساعة السابعة
شفهي وفعلي:
كيف نأكل
كيف نشرب
كيف نشفـى
كيف نتسلّى
كيف نستمتع
كيف نستيقظ
كيف نتحدث
كيف نشعر

… المَدرسة المُفكَّكة