المَدرسة المُفكَّكة


This Spring the development of a Communist Museum of Palestine continues with its second phase of de-ing* by exploring potential sites of hosting the museum and initiating De-school Palestine -what would conventionally be referred to as the museum’s education department.

This short text serves as introduction to some of the intentions and questions which animate the De-School which will unfold in different cities in March and April 2019.

The main workshop will be held at Khalil Sakakini Center, Ramallah for a week between 3/31 and 4/7
A group of shorter workshops will be held in other cities (Bethlehem, Jerusalem, Haifa)

A Call

The De-School aspires to think pedagogy otherwise and by other means. If we understand that the problems confronting the entire planet whether ecological, social, political require another level of engagement than what contemporary forms of education are oriented towards (i.e., preparing individuals for a specific profession or fitting their interests into a viable employment). Then the question is what kinds of situations of learning or unlearning can we create which can address the great challenges of our time.

De-School Palestine would like to put into question and critique the existing models of education which largely fall short of addressing the urgencies we face in a context like Palestine, but also in the world at large.

How to make use of this force that art gives to put everything into question, to help construct other space-times of experimenting and thinking together. Rather than constructing yet another school for art (where the aim would be to prepare artists to find a grammar or form to facilitate their circulation in a professional and pre-constituted art world) De-School Palestine could approach the multiple ways art can act as a field and study of liberation and emancipation in a contested world.

So more than anything, this first iteration of the De-School is the expression on the part of those who take part, to collectively affirm this necessity to imagine and embody another way of thinking and un/learning together.

The First Edition of De-School in Ramallah will begin March 31st and conclude on the 7th of April. Meetings will be from 5:00-8:00 pm, except the Saturday and Sunday which will be 12-6. This is the preliminary schedule which may be adjusted by the group once the first meeting takes place.

Limited number of participants

There is no specific age or level of accomplishment we aim to involve, as it is never too early or too late to unlearn bad habits or to have insights into the challenges and questions which we must confront.

*De-ing names that multiplicity of processes (e.g., decolonization, deterritorialization, deconstruction, desoeuvrement, destitution, …) and modes of unmaking, undoing, unworking, and unfounding which are the source energies, movements of art and its potential to disrupt the settled upon, the consensus status of the state of things.

*The workshop will be in Arabic and English

Potential* Program for First Edition of De-School

*By potential we mean also suggestion, thus it will be adapted upon participation

The workshop will be in Arabic and English

Greetings From Palestine (Notes on Geography and Other Associated Fields of Study)

The first edition of De-School Palestine unfolds across a geographical and psychological territory that has been fractured and fragmented across time and space. 

Palestine a name which recalls in nearly everyone, a set of images and predetermined ideas.  Yet sometimes, the very image and idea fixed in one’s mind can act as a limitation to the possible, the potential, and even to what is there.

‘Greetings from Palestine’ can be seen as an attempt to collectively create or give to an other, through a critical and shared process, an account, sense and image of Palestine today. 

This other, to which we address, construct or offer this account, may be oneself in the future, or oneself in the past, it could be the stranger one will never meet or the stranger within us. 

The task is to think together and map together a terrain of study, a field of problems, questions, urgencies and concerns. Through a series of meetings of shorter and longer durations in various cities, we propose to create an anthology and chronicle of a particular time or moment, In a particular place, called Palestine.

The resulting videos and/or texts from this communalist undertaking will then find a form to be shared with a larger public, including the Khalil Sakakini Center in Ramallah and other sites to be determined.

Points of Inspiration for De-School Palestine

Since the points of inspiration and consideration for this de-school are multiple, below we offer some additional brief remarks and notes to help outline or map what could be a points of departure.

An Outline

Seeing that education today risks to increasingly become a machine to produce indebted subjects ever more ready to relinquish their autonomy and intellect to fit into forces of production and productivity which increasingly bring human and non-human forms of life closer to extinction;


Seeing that the form and content of education has been shaped by the forces and dynamics of patriarchal, colonial, statist, capitalist cultures, structures, and rationalities;


Seeing that the perpetuation of these modes and disciplines of education, which have derived their air and water (namely their justification and sustenance) from these cultures of violence.

Then, the question can be formulated as follows:
What modes or forms of learning, research, study, and knowledge can be nurtured (as well as de/constructed, disowned, parted from) in and through a commonist, a feminist, a non-capitalist, a non-authoritarian, a de-colonial, and stateless horizon?


Could a de-school in Palestine be seen as a necessary part of rethinking the trajectories of human (all too human?) development as well as emancipation currently being enacted locally and globally today?

Could the nurturing of such a space-time become the context for confronting our common ignorance, our common equality, our common/s?

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- مقدمة -
سيقوم المتحف الشيوعي الفلسطيني في هذا الربيع باستئناف مرحلته الثانية من التفكيك*. وذلك باستكشاف مواقع محتملة لاستضافة المتحف والمبادرَة بالمدرسة المفكّكة - فلسطين، كجزء من فعاليّات المتحف التعليمية.

والنص التالي يهدف باختصار إلى تمهيد الأفكار والأسئلة التي تحرّك المدرسة المفككة والتي ستُفتَتح وتتفتّح في مختلف المدن في آذار ونيسان من ٢٠١٩ حيث ستكون الورشة الرئيسية في مركز خليل السكاكيني، رام الله لمدة أسبوع بين ٣١ آذار و ٧ نيسان.

بالإضافة لمجموعة ورشات قصيرة في مُدن أخرى سيتم الإعلان عنها بصورة أو بأخرى.

نداء …… نداء …… نداء

المدرسة المفككة تَطمح للتفكير بالتعليم بطرق ووسائل مختلفة. إذا ادركنا أن المعضلات التي تواجه كوكب الأرض بأكمله ـ سواء كانت بيئية أو اجتماعية أو سياسية ـ تتطلَّب درجة مختلفة من الإلتزام عن التوجهات التعليمية المعاصرة (أي التوجه نحو تحضيرالأفراد لتخصصات مهنيّة معيّنة، أو ملائَمة اهتمامات الأفراد لتُناسب وظائف معتمَدة). والسؤال الذي يَطرح نفسه هنا: ما هي نوعية المواقف والظروف للتعلم/الدراسة أو اللادراسة التي يمكننا استبداعها ليكون بإمكانها مواجهة تحديات وقتنا الحاضر.

المدرسة المفككة- فلسطين تود أن تطرح للتساؤل والنقد النماذج الحالية لتعليم الفن والتي لا تصل إلى متسوى مقبول من معالجة للمطالب الملحّة التي نواجهها في سياق فلسطين، وحتى في العالم بأكمله.

كيف يمكن استعمال تلك الطاقة التي يمنحها الفن لطرح كل شئ للتساؤل، لبناء زَمكانات تجريبيّة تفكيريّة. بدلا من بناء مدرسة أو أكاديميّة أخرى للفن (حيث يكون الهدف تحضير الفنانات/ين للعثور على القواعد والأشكال لتسهيل تَحرّكهم في عالم الفن الإحترافي المسبق تَكوينه). المدرسة المفككة - فلسطين يمكنها انتهاج الطرق المتعددة للفن كمجال ومرجع للتحرير والتحرر في عالم مُتنازَع عليه.

أكثر من أي شئ، تجربة المدرسة المفككة هذه في مرحلتها الأولى هي عبارة عن تعبير المشاركات والمشاركين للتأكيد الجماعي لضرورة تخيّل وتجسيد طريقة أخرى للتفكير و لتفكيك مفهوم التعلم والدراسة.

ستبدأ المدرسة المفككة مرحلتها الأولى في رام الله في ٣١ آذار وحتّى ٧ نيسان. ستعقد اللقاءات بين الساعة ٥ - ٨ مساءً، ما عدا يومي السبت والأحد (٤/٦ ، ٤/٧) حيث سنلتقي بين الساعة ١٢- ٦ مساءً (الجمعة ٥/ ٤ عطلة )، وهذا الجدول الزمني أولي ويمكن للمشاركات والمشاركين تعديله بعد الإجتماع الأول.

اضغطوا هنا

عدد المشاركين محدود.

لا نهدف إلى عُمر محدد أو مستوى معين من الإنجازات لدى المشاركات والمشاركين. فلا يوجد وقت مبكر أو متأخر لتفكيك العادات السيئة أو الحصول على نظرة ثاقبة للتحديات والأسئلة التي علينا مواجهتها.

*تفكيك تفكيك هنا يمثل تعددية المناهج النقدية (مثلا تفكيك الاستعمار، تفكيك المجال، التفكيك النَصّي، تفكيك العمل، المأسسة الخ…) والتي هي مصادر الطاقة وحركات الفن وامكانياته. ستكون الورشة باللغة العربية والانجليزية.