المتحف الشيوعي الفلسطيني


An Open call // October 2018

(notes from a letter sent for meeting 1

- which took place at Riwaq in Ramallah, October 2018.)

This is an open call to join the creation of this new museum in Palestine.
To the Friends to Come and Future Collaborators,
We ask ourselves in the midst of ever deteriorating conditions of common life globally and particularly in a place like Palestine what meaning a museum or making art can have today.
We can say that the Communist Museum of Palestine is in a way our response. But for us, as this response begins with an intuition that the existing structures purporting to support the common life, including cultural institutions, need to be shaken to their foundations and rethought, it also begins with the belief that such processes of rethinking and inventing can be more potent if they involve collectivities.
We would like to invite you to a group of meetings dedicated to sharing the experiences, impulses and questions which animate this museum.

If the concept itself can be considered as a work of art, the making actual of the museum and taking it from an idea to a reality will require something which supersedes authorship, transforming itself into a collective work, a common process and utilizing a multiplicity of intelligences and competencies.
Our thesis is that the construction of such a museum is and will become a manifestation of a commons and by its very existence a form of resistance (resistance to what? can be elaborated collectively and by those who will animate this initiative). But more importantly, our intention is to work from the existing conditions; however difficult, to affirm and propose another way (to do, to think, to perceive, to love) collectively. In short, to use the space of art, where we have dedicated more than twenty years of research, to invent new social forms and new ways of expressing with one another a care for a common world.
After our initial meetings with potential contributors and collaborators in Ramallah this fall, we would like to extend the invitation through an adaptation of this letter (that was sent before) for those who may be interested or want to contribute their know-how and ideas to construct together something which does not exist in the world.

If you are interested please write to the following:
palestine [then the at sign]

We look forward to hearing from you.

Our plan is to organize three to four initial meetings (for date and time see below) meet potential contributors and collaborators and to share some of the key questions and notions which we hope can guide the becoming museum.
We look forward to our meetings which we don’t see as preparations for the museum, but on each occasion as an instantiation of its existence.

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