المتحف الشيوعي الفلسطيني


Second call // October 2018

Notes from a letter sent for second public meeting which took place at Sakakini in Ramallah.

What is the destiny of art?

What is the destiny of art? Where should it go? What purpose or function or place or use does this space, this time, this intensity, this potentiality it (art) names have? And under conditions of occupation, perpetual vulnerability and exposure to violence, what forms of visibility and care does it require?

The questions which animate the proposal for a Communist Museum of Palestine are not questions about museums as much as they concern the status and dis/placement of art in the political, social, ecological, economic devastation that Occupied Palestine itself occupies. And it also asks how art can become part of a movement emerging in Palestine, which takes the exceptional state that Palestine is in and the limits which are imposed upon it to collectively create new forms of solidarity, new forms of collective care and new forms of collective life. 

Thus we would like to explore and elaborate some of the premises and potentialities of creating a rhizomtic and communist museum in Palestine. If this museum will be realized, it will take people from many different backgrounds and abilities to create it. These meetings are thus meant to find the creators and caretakers of this museum, to introduce some of its ideas and to imagine collectively and embody this museum in its constant becoming.

Special attention will be given in this meeting to consider the co- which in some way engenders the common, the collective, the cooperation, the companion, the comrade, the communist and communism. 

Please keep in mind that there will be a third meeting in this series entitled: Notes toward a communist museum in Palestine: On the De- of Deterritorialize, Deconstruct, Decolonize, Destitute. 

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