المتحف الشيوعي الفلسطيني


Third call // October 2018

Notes from a letter sent for third public meeting which took place at Sakakini in Ramallah.

To the friends to come.

(notes from a letter sent for meeting 3
- which took place at Sakakini in Ramallah, October 2018.)

Over the last weeks, we have been introducing formally and informally an idea of a communist museum in Palestine, a museum which will be hosted by different individuals and communities inside their homes and communal spaces. 

For some years we have tried to situate and create with friends in different parts of the world a life of art that does not submit to the forces of competition, atomization, cynicism, opportunism, self-promotion, self-interestedness and eventual self-isolation that a neoliberal reality and art world dictate. 

And we see the proposal for a communist museum as an attempt to construct collectively a kind of experimental museum which attempts to imagine a life for art which does not reproduce the forms and conditions of support, care, visibility, sociality and circulation which capitalist and colonialist reality have continued to dictate. 

Thus notions like decommodification, deconstruction, decolonization, destitution, deterritorialization or désœuvrement are not mere words or jargon but critical notions which may help us distinguish our line of development and becoming from those of the existing reality and forms of institutionality. 

For this meeting we hope to talk about the de- which links these ideas and gives them their sense of a movement.

If Palestine makes a movement, recalling 80 years since the Naqba and 25 years since the Oslo Accords, it would certainly include a struggle for justice, for a people, in relation to a land, and in relation to a common which no single community can enclose or claim as their own. 

We assert that art is also a common and if it plays a part in this process of asserting equality, justice, emancipation, and reclaiming commons, than the conditions in which it is hosted and shared is not neutral. We would like to create another context for art and life which is not dependent on or reproducing the proliferating forms of enclosure and dispossession which take place globally and more acutely in Palestine.

So our invitation is sincere and real, we hope you will join us to de/construct with the Communist Museum of Palestine.


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